NFL Player Donates First Game Check To Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation

In following through with a promise he made during the summer, Cleveland Browns running back Isaiah Crowell donated his first paycheck of the season to the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation.

The sum of cash equates to just over $35,000 and is Crowell’s latest attempt to make it right after the Cleveland Browns’ running back posted an image on social media of a police officer being killed.

Crowell, who also attended a funeral for one of the officers killed in July’s tragic shooting in Dallas, didn’t really want this to become public. His main thing was to follow through on a promise he made.

“I said I was going to do it and I wanted to follow through,” Crowell said, via

In issuing his apology for July’s insensitive post, Crowell had indicated he would donate his first paycheck.

The photo was of a man wearing all black slicing the throat of a police officer.  The image has since been banned from various social media websites and we are not posting it here due to it’s graphic nature.

While Crowell did something very wrong, we do give him credit for apologizing, learning from his mistake and continuing to try to understand the issue better.

Unlike what so many others try to do to law enforcement when a mistake may occur, we do not hold a grudge or hatred against Crowell.  We are not asking for his resignation or termination.  We simply want him to understand the issue better and to make a better decision in the future.  It appears that he is well on his way to doing just that.

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